Chasing Paris

So I write this to you,
but you would never know,
because you never stared enough
to see the way I would smile
every time I heard your name.
You never listened enough
to hear the giggles that escape
even though, and even so,
you have the corniest jokes.
You barely listen to the stories I tell.

If only you cared enough,
maybe then you’d know,
you were in every story I told.
I could write out a million poems,
and you would never know.
Much less, that they were about you.

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Look back. 🏃

Look back. 🏃

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Mold can only grow
with moisture;
but you knew that all along,
didn’t you?

Mold only came to grow
on the petty cracks of my soul,
because you lathered it
with all the needed moisture
from the tears
you were the reasons for,
and the causes of.

you were my bloody regression.

We’ve come to the age where
we are defined as a paradox.
We are a complication
that contradicts itself;
we eat our own promises.

We’ve come to the age where
double meanings aren’t the
homophones we used to learn about;
we say one thing,
and they mean another,
that do not look even
remotely alike.

We’ve come to the age where
even our body can’t be in peace
with all its parts, no longer can they
work synonymously,
but we have become an antonym
of ourselves;
the words we say are opposites
of the feelings we have.

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Anonymous asked:
Dearest, I admire you but I hope it doesn’t count as a stalking. I saved some of your pictures but I hope it doesn’t make me a thief. I wanna know you personally, but I wish it’s not just for a hope. I wanna sing for you, but I hope it won’t go on frustration. If heavenly creatures do exists, I guess an unknown love may be possible.

I’m guessing all my oh-god-this-writing-is-divine anon asks is coming from one person — you? Why don’t we talk off anon? You seem like the perfect person to talk to and this is not even me trying to outtalk your sweet talk! :)