Chasing Paris

Your heart can only take
so much flame to accommodate
a one-time love
of fireworks. All the others love
only the ashes it leaves behind.
What’s sad is that,
after a night of lights and explosions,
the ones who start a fire in you
only get burned in the process.

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Do not love a moving vehicle
because they never know
how to stop for somebody else
other than themselves.

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Photo by: Sharisse Florendo

Photo by: Sharisse Florendo

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The only people that came to comfort
the tears that have sprung were the
shadows and the monsters in my head.
Have I become crazy for learning how to live
with the creatures of the night,
Or have I finally grown,
for only learning to live with myself?

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When will I grasp the fact that you have strayed
away from your orbit, and out of my
intergalactic messed up mass of a life?
And to think highly of myself as your savior
from possible collisions with other flaming meteors
was to think highly of myself, and too low of you.
You were not a meteor, you were a planet.
And to see you go into the orbit of another,
that may treat you a little better than I did,
is the only time I realize that once, I had your gravity
pulled onto all the smallest inches of myself,
only to have me peel it off one by one.
I am not your sun anymore,
nor am I even in the same galaxy.
When will I learn that if I pushed you away,
you won’t fall right back
to your orbit?

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