Chasing Paris



Posted by jaywalker on July 18, 2007

Now before you post hate comments, let me first say that I’m no elitist. I’m not even rich in the first place so I have no right to be elitist. I’m not one of those snobs who wouldn’t recognize the country of their origin…

What people should be reading

And on that special day, he gave her balloons. And she swore, nothing would ever happen to it.

Everyday, she kept her routine. Daily marchings around the perimeter, keeping sharp eyes, moving sharper objects away. She didn’t want it to pop.

But no matter what she did, no matter how much she tried, the balloon would deflate and let loose a little, day by day, growing smaller and smaller and smaller, until it finally ran out of air. Even though she kept it from popping, it still died, eventually.

And she felt that it was a lot like their love.

That no matter what she did, no matter how much she tried, if it didn’t end in one way, it would, in another. But she kept her hopes up. At least there weren’t any holes, she said. Even though it went down, she kept her part to the very end.

But the next day, she saw him blow air into the balloon.

During the night, it would deflate.

But during the morning, he would inflate it again.

This is what happened to them everyday. They would die a little, but then they would be able to rise even higher. So long as they both didn’t give up.

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I’m good at hiding my feelings. I wish I was as good in hiding my emotions.

We always say, “Be careful playing with glass. It’s fragile.” We instantly think it’s because it can break so easily. And that the fragments, when broken, break into even more fragments. But is it not also because you can see right through it that it is considered fragile?

My friend asked another, “Are you looking for the one or are you looking for the one in her?”

There can be two interpretations of this: a.) That you already have someone or an idea of someone in your head, and you’re looking for it in her and b.) The more heroic one, that instead of having a prior expectation, you, instead, find the good qualities in her and use that as a basis for the idea of the one.

Ironic though that after a boy encounters a choice B, every girl after that becomes a choice A. (Until someone takes choice B’s place and the process is repeated over and over again)

Which one are you?