Chasing Paris

Pour acid into the water, and not water into the acid, as to prevent possible unwanted reactions. I’m the water, you’re the acid, and despite knowing the said statement, I’m pouring all the water in me to the smallest portions of acid in you, anyway.

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She could weave the words in her head
as easily as a spider does its webs.
Except when it was about you.
Then, she’d run out of words.

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I miss the light in your voice
and the sound waves in your eyes.
If you think that’s a wrong way to use words,
imagine what I must feel
when I see right through you
and see you use your heart to think
and your mind to love,
and not the other way around.
We use the right instruments
with the wrong notes,
and we put all the blame on it anyway.
I’m putting the blame on you anyway.

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I put you into words,
because it is the only way
I can put you out of my system,
without burning myself along the way.

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• Alterego •

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