Chasing Paris

I am over you.

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The only people that came to comfort
the tears that have sprung were the
shadows and the monsters in my head.
Have I become crazy for learning how to live
with the creatures of the night,
Or have I finally grown,
for only learning to live with myself?

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When will I grasp the fact that you have strayed
away from your orbit, and out of my
intergalactic messed up mass of a life?
And to think highly of myself as your savior
from possible collisions with other flaming meteors
was to think highly of myself, and too low of you.
You were not a meteor, you were a planet.
And to see you go into the orbit of another,
that may treat you a little better than I did,
is the only time I realize that once, I had your gravity
pulled onto all the smallest inches of myself,
only to have me peel it off one by one.
I am not your sun anymore,
nor am I even in the same galaxy.
When will I learn that if I pushed you away,
you won’t fall right back
to your orbit?

Pour acid into the water, and not water into the acid, as to prevent possible unwanted reactions. I’m the water, you’re the acid, and despite knowing the said statement, I’m pouring all the water in me to the smallest portions of acid in you, anyway.

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She could weave the words in her head
as easily as a spider does its webs.
Except when it was about you.
Then, she’d run out of words.

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